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The Woolworth Estate
April 21, 2015

“I knew it was important that the film be shot in a grand interior space-- so much of the collection was inspired by interior architectural elements. Giovanna aims to make clothing good enough to eat; I wanted the film to be a sensorial experience: candy coated interiors, breathing walls, some magic, mystery and dancing of course.

- Co-Founder & Director, Rachel Fleit


The Woolworth Estate is an enigma — a grandiose manor built of marble and mystery, whose aura defies modernity. Only a location with as much charm, history and mystique as the Woolworth Estate could have been fitting for Honor’s Spring 2015 film.


Designed in 1916 by C.P.H. Gilbert for business mogul, Frank Winfield Woolworth, the manor has faced many traumas. This nine million dollar property was commissioned after Woolworth’s home mysteriously burnt to the ground. Legend has it that, on the evening that Woolsworth’s middle daughter, Edna, committed suicide, a lighting bolt caused a crack in their family portrait hanging over the mantle, tearing the canvas directly over her face. Visitors to the estate have since reported sightings of a ghostly figure walking the grounds and the sounds of a girl crying.


While doing a tech scout for the Spring film, our team was met with their own peculiar and ghostly experience. Sounds of organ music could be heard in the distance, but there was no organist in sight. The eeriness of the estate and its tragic history continue to develop. In January, shortly after filming had wrapped, one of the wings we had shot in was greatly burned in a fire.


We may have been the last to capture the opulence of the estate for a long while!”


It was a distinct pleasure for Honor to experience the Woolworth Estate’s unearthly presence, especially a part of it that is now gone forever, and to contribute to it’s ever evolving history.


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From a bulb of imagination planted in November of last year to a day of prep in December followed by two days of shooting and months of post-production, our enchanting Spring 2015 film has finally bloomed.

Our cast and crew, a team of over 70 people, worked tirelessly through the several days spent at the Woolworth Estate. We were literally swept away by the energy and enthusiasm of ballroom choreographer, Melanie Lapatin. Gowns were spun into streaks of candy colors as dancers twirled across the ornate floor. The experience of seeing the whirl of skirts and patterns flying on set and, later, seeing that moment through Clementine’s wondrous gaze was a gratifying reward in and of itself for our whole team.

Director Rachel Fleit recalls the speaking portrait scene starring Natasha Lyonne as being one of the most enjoyable to shoot. As scheduling conflicts would have it, we actually filmed the scene on set-up day in front of a green screen built from scratch. A fully costumed Natasha lit up the set cracking jokes and exuding a warm energy in her role as the ominous, cackling oil painting.

Click here to experience the magic of our Spring 2015 film for yourself.

Our Psychedelic Fantasy
April 15, 2015

An exclusive preview of our Spring 2015 Film


Neon Lady
March 31, 2015

Tracee Ellis Ross in our neon red neoprene vest dress at the ExtraTV Studio in NYC.

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Sarah Paulson
March 30, 2015

Sarah Paulson in our Scoop Neck Dress with Organza Detail at the MCC Theater Gala in NYC.
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